dinsdag 14 juli 2015

Tour de France. Stage 10.

C'est quoi ca?

July 14th, Bastille day. France is having a party.

It's been ten years since a French rider won a stage on Bastille day, and today hopes are high.
But while F├ędrigo is still in a break, France's new 'chouchou' Warren Barguil takes a tumble. For a moment it's unclear if he will continue, and when he finally does he looks like the loneliest man in the world. Alone, no teamcar in sight, he drafts his way back to the peloton with the help of a racedoctor.
Still, a French rider could win this stage.

Then, on the climb to the finish, it's first Bardet who can't keep up. Soon after Pinot suffers the same fate, so does Peraud. Peaked too soon? Bad legs after the rest day?  Anyway, all hope is lost.

France will have to do with two riders finishing in the top ten, yet again no win..
Does this kill the party? No way, there's more to life than cycling.
Party on France, party on..

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