vrijdag 17 juli 2015

Tour de France. Stage 13.

No seconds.

What a feeling it must have been for today's winner. After so many almost-wins finally there's this one really big triumph.
Sure, he won twice before this year. But those wins are nothing like a win in the Tour.
Third in the Tour of Flanders, third in Roubaix, second in the Strade Bianche. All fantastic results, but they are no wins either..

How hard must that be mentally, to keep missing out on that one big win. To have a cyclingcrazy nation watching you, wanting you to cross that line first. But to keep coming in just behind someone else.

It must be hard, very hard. But to keep going when maybe you and the people around you are losing hope is probably one of the marks of a champion.
Let's hope that the rider coming in second today will have his big triumph one of these days. He earns it as well.

Oh, and that poor Peraud...

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