maandag 20 juli 2015

Tour de France. Stage 16.

Green Giant.

Somewhere between the Col de Gabre and Gap, I became a Sagan fan. The fact that he was in the breakaway for the third day straight, like getting tired is something he just doesn't feel like, the fact that he did most of the work and the fact that he threw himself down that hill into Gap like a kamikaze pilot on a carrier. That made me realize that I love his style of riding, combine that with his relaxed attitude and hey, I'm a fan.
A bit disappointing the other riders refused to do any work, afraid of going to the finish with Sagan. By just sitting on a wheel like that you're never going to win, at least give it a shot.

Shame that he gets almost no support from his team, understandable with Contador in the ranks. But still, Sagan really should have a team built around him.
Not even that, just give him half a team and he'll probably win half of the races he starts in.

So, then there was the incident with Barguil. It's probably hindsight talking, but during the 'cow-descent' I was thinking Barguil must have had quite the amount of adrenalin rushing through him, descending like he did. I was glad nothing bad happened then, today was different unfortunately.
Maybe he just gets overexcited when the road goes downhill. Anyway, he'll probably learn from this.
Like yesterday, it's been an interesting stage..

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