donderdag 16 juli 2015

Tour de France. Stage 12.

Reactance Theory.

Did you see it? The Cannondale-Garmin guys missing the break, followed by two of their riders chasing down the lead group? Did you see the Sky guys coming up, telling them to stop chasing?

Did you see the guy from Sky, giving the Lotto-nl guy the deathstare when he got up to the front?

I saw it, and i wondered why it is that the non-Sky riders seemed to follow these 'orders'.
I would have loved to see a different reaction from these non-Sky riders, 'It's not your road!', or, 'We can chase whatever we want whenever we want!'

Why is it that Sky seemingly hase a huge influence on other teams? Of course, they have the yellow jersey, but still..Is it because their campervans are the biggest, are they frustrated after being booed so much at the start?

Whatever reason it may be, I hope to see a rider doing the opposite of what Team Sky tells him to do.
Reactance Theory, basically doing just the thing you're told not to do.

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