maandag 20 juli 2015

Tour de France. Stage 15.

This agression will not stand, man.

Now was that really necessary? As if there isn't enough negativity in the Tour already.
We already witnessed the Team Sky riders warming up under extra police protection, it's a pity to have to say that it was probably a good thing after what happened to Froome and Porte.

So it was a shame that on a day the teams could make a stand against the appaling behaviour of certain individuals, someone needed to throw a waterbottle at a cameraman.
The worst thing about it was that it was someone from one of the teams. What a great way to show the public how to behave. And to do it to someone who, in a way, helps you to earn a living. No cameramen, no money.

Sure, it was a heat of the moment thing. But you know that is the last thing cycling needs right now.
At least it provided some more excitement for this stage, not that it needed any more. Boy is that Greipel fast!

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